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Robert Parsons

Senior Partner

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After spending 34 years in the financial services industry, actively advising clients, I decided to step back from the front line and focus on the management and operation of The St David’s Partnership.  On a day to day basis, I manage the internal finances and am involved with the general administration of the Practice, including the regulatory reporting required by the Financial Conduct Authority.

With the extra free time I now have, I enjoy regular breaks with my wife Jaci at our holiday home in a small village in Picardy, France. If there aren’t any snarl ups ‘en route’, and the Chunnel is running smoothly, it’s roughly a 6 hour drive door to door from our home in Cowbridge.

Spending time with close family is important to me, so bringing family together with my enjoyment of good food and wine makes for a perfect occasion. Singing is a real pleasure for us as a family and I’ve been a member of Cowbridge Male Voice Choir for many years, enjoying both the music and the great camaraderie on offer.

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